I had the opportunity to get coached by Amit at the seminar called The Bridge Experience. I immediately loved the way he welcomed what I said with a calm and open mind. The thing that I particularly appreciated was that he was able to throw back at my face everything that i needed to hear in order to have a massive breakthrough. His razor blade analytical skills and his honest feedback gave me the opportunity to face my fears and my ego where I was hiding behind. His authenticity and brutal truth advices challenged me to reveal my inner strength and greatness. If you need somebody to tell you straight forward what you unconsciously need to hear i would without the shadow of a doubt recommend Amit. He will help you go to the next level of your game with a calm, authentic and truly honest approach which will bring your true self out.

Blaise Depallens
Photographer / Videographer
I have had many challenges regarding intimacy and relationships. 
Amit has the gift of creating and holding a safe container where I can be vulnerable, access my feminine side and open up without masks or filters. 
In his presence I feel seen and heard.
Our open and transparent conversations keep inviting me to face my fears, question my beliefs and go to places where I can heal and grow as a woman. 
His wisdom and perspective help me gain deeper understanding and his belief in me continuously asks me to stretch and be my best self.
Orsolya Cseh
Customer Success Rep for Mind Valley

Working with Amit has been one of the best gifts I could have given myself. He is an extraordinary human being who shows up in a way that has challenged me to question, rethink and redefine my standards, beliefs, needs and desires around men and relationships. His masculine presence has allowed and invited me to step into my feminine energy more and feeling safe and supported in doing that. His kindness and compassion shines through every coaching session which makes me feel welcome to show the light and the darkness within me and I feel more free every time I do. I wish for every woman that they at least get to experience this once in their life.

Marjan Van Oosterhout
Isagenix Team Leader

As a young guy with big ambitions to grow in all areas of life, Amit is great to work with. I check in with Amit regularly to cover a range of topics but where he has been especially transformative for me is in the areas of personal finance, fitness and nutrition. He holds me accountable and teaches only from his own experiences which makes all his info that much more powerful and authentic.

Harry Mcinley
Co-Founder of 1PUTT Golf

This man has been literally a meteor like blessing that came into my life! At the time I was terrified of men due to very unpleasant experiences in the past. I avoided men pretty much for over 3 years and cut that part out of my life to protect myself and had very little idea of how to trust or be unconditionally loved and accepted for who I was. I cannot say it in other words than Amit brought parts of me back to life and changed and opened me up for experiencing the world in a different way. And I am not writing these as tag lines to make it sound good – it was and is tangible, real. Some of it showed up as an instant shift. With his conscious, grounded, masculine and loving presence he accompanied me in going through the emotions attached to my trauma and he always found the sweet spot between giving me space to feel and accepting my pace and the same time calling me forward with his fire and passion.

Lydia Holder
Intuitive Coach / Yoga Teacher

Amit’s strength for me comes in seeing my blind spots and giving me the tools to self correct with his perception, life fundamentals and helping me to focus on the 101’s, when I’m trying to go from 0 to 100. He’s a grounded soul and his occasional ego busting advice is necessary and yet he encourages me to grow and accelerate with ambition at the same time. He allows for a space for me to express and combines listening and talking in equal measure, and it feels refreshing and uplifting to be in his presence and under his guidance. He achieves in every area of life and I see both a friend and powerful teacher, who I’m sure will match and even surpass some of the well known greats.

Tom Fenton
Founder of Pure Gaia