As someone obsessed with personal development and optimizing my life. I have tested many products for this purpose. This page contains everything I use and recommend.

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (with no extra cost to you) and also a discount for you. Thank you for the love ūüôā


Programs / Courses


Bridge Experience
¬†An amazing 2-day workshop with some of my favorite mentors Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles. Changed my life in so many ways for the better.¬† Bridging the gap between Mindset, Embodiment training and¬†Esoteric Wisdom to dig deep into what’s been holding you back.¬†Click Here¬†and add coupon code¬†ConsciousMovement10¬†to get 10% percent off.¬†


Unleash the Power Within
A 4 Day workshop with Tony Robbins with was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I have been twice myself. Turning fear into power, making your dreams into reality, what drives us and the power of energy. Click Here



Millionaire Mind Intensive
One of the best value courses out there at less than ¬£100. A 3-day workshop that tackles your limiting beliefs around money, how to manage it and ways to attain the finances you desire. This has helped me increase my income year on year which has given me greater financial freedom. The information in this seminar is, in my opinion, priceless, I’ve¬†been three times. It shows you the fundamentals of getting and keeping money and understanding why some people are rich and others stay poor. Click Here¬†


A conscious man brotherhood led by one of my mentors Preston Smiles. A 4-month online program with you and 32 men diving deep into what it means to be a powerful conscious man. It gave me a structure and a safe space to work with my own masculinity in a healthy way whilst giving me the opportunity to be around and create friendships with some amazing men around the world. Click Here and add the code ConsciousMovement150 in the referred by section to get $150 off.


Your Digitial Formula
Program by Steven Aitchison in growing an online business especially in the personal development space using social media. Steven has over 2 million followers. I love his ethos on being a heart-centered business and he puts in a lot of work to make sure there is a lot of value from his program. For me well worth it. It helped me grow my facebook page to 33,000 and create other ways to generate revenue as well as access to a thriving community of other business owners. Click Here

Top 5 Books 

Books I have read and continue to re-read again. Highly recommended and if you actioned these alone it would change your life considerably.

The War of Art

The best book for beating procrastination. Changed my perspective and I love the way it’s written. It talks about defeating resistance, to recognize and knock down dream-blocking barriers and to silence the naysayers within. Click Here

Never Eat Alone
This book illustrates the power of relationships with in-depth advice for making connections. Following the steps in this book can transform your social world which is one of the keys to success. Click Here

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I would say the most famous modern personal finance book. It explains fundamental reasons why some people are rich and others are poor. I learned so much from this book and I think everyone should read this. You will come to understand the myth of high income and the difference between working for money and having money work for you. Click Here



The Way of the Superior Man

This book has made me a better man. It was a revelation to me. In my opinion, every man should read this or any woman that is curious. This book explores the most important issues in mens lives like what’s your true purpose in life? What do women really want? What makes a good lover? Offering a practical guide in living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity and freedom.¬†Click Here



Conversations With God

Ever wondered about the meaning of life and death? On good and evil? love and faith? I sure have and been frustrated with not finding an answer. This book is an answer to all of that and has some profound wisdom given in such a way that makes it easy to comprehend. It shifted my mindset in so many ways and affirmed things that I was thinking. I even gave away my copy whilst traveling because I believe more people can benefit from this. If you’re on the search for truth. Have a read of this.¬†Click Here







One of the most well known and trusted Cryptocurrency exchanges. I purchase my Bitcoin and Ethereum from here. We both get $10 free Bitcoin if you sign up with this link. Click Here 



My favorite exchange for buying alternative Cryptocurrencies. Really like how the founders manage it, very customer focused and safe. The fees are low and they have a large number of coins available to purchase. Click Here