I am hugely passionate about human movement and fitness.

Combining that conscious lifestyle with movement to become that well rounded individual.

So here I will be beginning my movement series with the fundamentals.

This post will be dedicated to one of the more difficult beginner bodyweight exercises.

The Pull Up.

Introduction and muscles involved

A pull up is an upper body pulling exercise.

It mostly targets the Lattimus Dorsi muscles.




How to do a pull up

The pull up requires a certain height of bar to pull on.

You can pull up off a tree, some wood, rings, scaffolding in your area. Anything that is high enough to grab.

1. Grab a bar or otherwise with a grip  wider than shoulder width, with your hands facing away from you.
2. Let your body hang completely releasing all tension.
3. Pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar.
4. Lower yourself back down to the hanging starting position.

Keep your body as still and controlled as possible to make sure you are working the correct muscles and not using momentum to assist you.

No swinging!

That is one full pull up.


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