Intuition is a powerful thing. As my life has gone on I have realised that logic isn’t where it’s at. I used to strategize my life based on logical decisions and many times it felt robotic and out of sync. I didn’t even know what intuition and following your heart meant until recently.  In moments I’m sure I used it I was just not conscious of it.

There’s a greater ease that comes with it. That comes with faith in yourself not relying on others to make your decisions. Especially when you realise that if you follow it it’s always for your greater good.

We all possess intuition it’s not reserved just for some people. There are certain things you can do to enhance and become more in touch with it which is what I will share with you now.

1. Spend time with positive people

You know the people that you just feel better around. The ones that can genuinely find the silver lining in any situation. I’ve found that my intuition is heightened around people that have a high vibration. It’s as if they are a conductor for my energy allowing things to flow even easier.

2. Change your diet

This heightens intuition. After having a more plant-based diet I felt lighter and realised I could feel things more as if heavier dense meat was blocking things for me.

They say the suffering, emotions and pain of the animals you eat before they get slaughtered gets passed on to you and so makes it more difficult to get in touch with your own feelings.

3. Meditate

You need space for your intuition to arise. Too many thoughts will block that for you. When the mind is silent you can feel and hear more.

4. Not resisting what is

We try and suppress feelings that we don’t want to feel so we act in resistance to what is and then realise why we are so stressed. We depend on the outcome and the illusion of control which is why we don’t trust the places we need to go through the universes calling. If we start to allow and feel whatever is happening we allow our energy to flow better and to feel our intuition without fear.

5. Journal

This is a powerful way to brain dump and collate all your thoughts without judgement on paper. This is a very freeing process allowing you to move from your mind and into the body where your intuition works best.

6. Read books on intuition

Knowledge can be useful in shattering old beliefs. Without knowing the importance of following our gut or intuition we might disregard it. Here are some recommendations, The Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovel Sinn and Intuition by Osho.

7. Get away for a bit

Being busy all the time isn’t going to help you get sensitive to your intuition. Go on a retreat. Take a sabbatical or spend a day in new surroundings with nothing planned.

8. Spend time in nature 

It can feel so nice when we get back into nature. Back to where we belong. Where we used to use our intuition to sense incoming dangers. When you’re out there your intuition is heightened so leave all your technology behind and begin to understand it.

9. Align with your values

The mind might steer us off centre chasing things that are not for our highest good. When we align with our values we feel better and that’s how we know we are following our intuition.

10. Act on it

The more you trust your intuition the better it works. Don’t just feel it and not act on that feeling. I’ve found that my intuition has never failed me in my life and the biggest mistakes were made when I did not follow it.

11. Consult your body compass

 Feelings arise in your body that will tell you different things. Feeling light, expansive, heavy, uncomfortable or sick to the stomach are all signs. Sometimes this can be fear but in my experience, you can differentiate that from real intuition.

12. Ask questions

Asking questions such as what is the next step for my vision? or what is the highest good in this moment? Letting the first thing come up and trusting it without giving your inner critic or rational a chance to talk you out of it.

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