“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.” 

For the past 3 months I have been travelling on my own across the West Coast of the United States. I started in Venice Beach, Los Angeles and made it to Vegas and back. Passing through the amazing national parks America has to offer such as Yosemite, Death Valley and of course the Grand Canyon. Landscapes I could never see in London. This is also why I have not been blogging. I’ve been totally on the go. Which isn’t really an excuse I know. This is what I’ve learnt from my trip.

Know thyself

I feel the more experiences you have the more you get to know yourself. What you’re like in different situations. How you handle things. What you like. What you don’t. The nature of people you gravitate towards. Weaknesses in your arsenal that you need to work on. Travel begs these questions of you and forces you to answer.

We’re all connected

Travelling is one of the most in-divisive things you can ever do. It lets you understand how many similarities you have with people from different walks of life. In my time travelling the states alone for 3 months I formed real connections with people that would never be in my social circle at home which is great.

What’s valuable

Travelling for a prolonged period of time literally living from one suitcase. You see things for what they really are. Things. You realise your joy comes from experience and bonds, not items. You come to realise your value regardless of what you have at home. People you meet are seeing you for the person you are. Enjoying your company not caring how much money you have or what you can offer them.


You know when you have some time off but you’re still in the same place. You are reminded of what work you need to do and what issues you need to solve. Being in a different place entirely allows you let go of everything. Your mind doesn’t associate it with work and productivity. Therefore giving it an escape. True freedom from it all.


You come to appreciate the little things. By the end of this expedition, I’m missing the routine of being back home. Working on my myself in a structured fashion, hitting the gym, making money, seeing friends and family, driving where I please, even just being back in the London environment. You really do take these things for granted and spending time away lets you view them with fresh eyes.


Travel is free knowledge. Personal experience is the best teacher. Better than reading, better then someone telling you, better than the media, better than studying a topic. When you travel you truly know what a place is like. It is genuine. It is real. Your opinion of somewhere is what counts not someone else’s.


You know what. I love food. I love finding a new dish I really love. When you travel you really get to experience new delicacies. I mean US food is a lot of burgers and some damn good ones too but I’ve also had a lot of new Mexican food I’ve never tried. So if you’re a food lover. Travel.

I hope you found some value in this post. If you did please share / leave a comment with your thoughts below!