Personal Training with Amit Dhunnoo

I am a fully qualified REPS level 3 personal trainer specialising in Calisthenics and Bodyweight training.

Amit Dhunnoo - Services

I operate a personal training service mainly in parks and green spaces in London. You’ll get fit and have fun using your own body as resistance

From warm up through the workout to the cool down I take a carefully organised and professional approach with a relaxed teaching style that is focused to your needs .


Training should make you move, feel and perform to the best of your ability.


My training will establish good foundations, restore mobility and establish strong movement patterns. It will also be fun and tailored to achieving your goals.

I can help you learn handstands, muscle ups, and levers and other advanced callisthenics moves. You’ll be surprised how much coaching will help speed up your progress.

If your you want to destroy bad habits, gain strength, mobility, increase your energy levels and get the body your desire.

Email me at and we can discuss your needs further.