I learn and apply teaching from books I read. I usually take things to extremes and this is the same. I invest a lot more than 10% of my income but I believe that should be the minimum if you want to be wealthy.

Here I am going to share with you exactly what platforms I invest in. Again this is a long game to wealth and I’ve never found a get rich quick scheme that has worked so far.

My aim is to invest money in different investments for years upon years letting the interest compound creating a passive income stream. Disclaimer : I am not telling you how to invest YOUR money but giving you an idea of how I invest mine.

As of today, I invest in three different platforms to diversify my portfolio and reduce risk. The 3 platforms are :

Saving Stream


This is a P2P lending platform which is backed by property meaning if the person you loan your money to fails to pay up that property will be sold and that’s how you will get your money back. I chose this because property is a pretty stable asset especially properties in London reducing the risk of default. Saving stream has great reviews and I love the simple user interface. The returns are great too. A 12% return annually which is paid to you monthly.

So far I have had no issues with Saving Stream. All interest is paid on the first of the month without fail and I reinvest it all into the platform. The only issue is at the moment especially since the Brexit the amount of loans has been limited which has made it difficult to invest.

If you use this link I receive 1% of your initial investment as a referral payment. This payment is made by Saving Stream and does not come from your investment.

Property Partner


I love the whole concept of owning your own piece of Land in an area. Property is something that I always wanted to invest in but without the capital to do it. Until now. You can be a Landford without having tens of thousands of pounds.

You earn interest through dividends as a percentage of the rent depending on how many shares you own. You also get the capital gains if the property value goes up which is more the emphasis compared to P2P lending as the interest you earn is significantly lower. 

I was recommended to this by a friend and I did extensive research on it until I decided to invest. There’re other platforms that provide the same service such as Property Moose but I found this one to be the most thorough with the most investments and the best reputation.

If you use this link we both get £50 free cash once you invest over £1000!

Interactive Investor


This is a platform where  you can invest in the stock market. It’s one of the cheapest if you intend on having a large portfolio. At the moment I invest only in investment trusts as the fees are lower than funds and are more diverse than putting your money into particular stocks. I am not a stockbroker so as it says in the richest man in Babylon. Always take the advice of experts in the field. These trusts are managed by people with a lot of expertise.

My goal is passive income not so much capital gains so I look for high dividend yielding trusts with good reputations. So far I have made a return of 7.41% on my money.

If you use this code 588A2CF6 in the promotion field when you create an account we both get £30 free commission credit!

There we have it guys. This is where a lot of my money goes monthly as I want to fast track my road to wealth. So far all the above platforms have been fruitful. I will update this again later for you guys with how well my portfolio is doing and if my opinion changes.

I hope you found some value in this post. If you did please share / leave a comment with your thoughts below!