Making the decision to go backpacking is all good.

It’s like you’ve booked a big holiday until it dawns on you at the airport that your all alone heading to a foreign land with no chance of seeing your family and friends for the next few months and then your mind starts to wonder about the comfort you have left to take this journey into the unknown.

Here were my biggest fears before I went backpacking.

1. Losing your things

I felt vulnerable in this aspect.

You’ve got this one passport that if you lose your in trouble and credit cards that if you lose your in even bigger trouble.You’ve got a limited supply of everything so losing your stuff is a big deal.

Normally with friends or family there you have a get out of jail card.

Solo travelling you do not.

2. Getting hustled

Your in a foreign land. You don’t know the customs or the area very well.

I imagine that if you didn’t know London very well you could end up in the wrong places.

We all hear about  backpackers getting extorted by locals or foreign police pouncing on them in the hope of a bribe.

3. Hostels

Every holiday I’ve been on I have had a private room in a hotel or an apartment.

A hostel is a very different. It’s bunk beds sharing with a bunch of people you don’t know.

I had a grim picture in my head before I went of  run down dorms with about 10 people sharing one bathroom and having to bare with it to keep my costs down.

4. Nobody liking me

What if I feel lonely throughout my journey.

What if I’m the guy that can’t make any friends while everyone else feels at home when I’m out backpacking.

These thoughts all came to my mind.

I’ve committed to this for 3 months. Could I hate it?

Again it brought me to think of my friends and family that could give me that instant sense of belonging.

5. Intimacy

Your basically living with a bunch of strangers who are going to see you at your most intimate. At a level only your family normally see.

Any embarrassing moments they’ll see it. Any emotions you have they’ll see. If your feeling fragile they’ll see it. If anything goes wrong they’ll see it.

It’s not like living out and having a private room. You really have no private space while backpacking.

That level of judgement is scary.

6. Will my friends miss me

Leaving my close friends for a long time there is a hint of whether they’ll forget about me and our relationships will change.

I mean of course there going to live their lives the same way but I don’t want our relationships to change.

I want to come back with the same friendships I left off with and with new ones of course.

Comment below with any fears that you had/have.

I will definitely be writing a follow up post on how all this panned out.