‘To be honest as this world goes is to be one man picked out of ten thousand’

Imagine that everyone could be honest with each other. Nearly 100 percent. When something’s bothering you. You say it. You say your truthful opinion about something. Imagine how much people would correct about themselves if they were totally honest? How much more power you would have? How much more freedom you would encounter?

Now my opinion is that this is the best way to live. Whenever I’m more honest I feel way more empowered. I feel like it’s right.

Honesty earns respect it’s bold.

People will appreciate it more than just telling them what they want to hear.

Someone that has high self-esteem is honest. They don’t come from a place of insecurity so they have no reason to lie.

I’m still learning, still learning the path of being totally honest. There are some things I want to hide about myself. Some I’m embarrassed about. Things I’m scared to say in case of rejection or nobody caring.

There’s a fine line however between being a really honest person and being mean for means sake. There is no need to be obnoxiously rude just because something popped up in our heads. If you do this I’m sure there’ll be a huge limit on how many friends you will make.

We all know what goes on in our minds can be a little disturbing sometimes so some thoughts are better off left there :).

Maturity is biting your tongue when necessary using your own judgement depending on the situation. Most of you are socially calibrated enough to tell the difference. If it’s coming from a genuine place it shouldn’t be offensive.

I’m sure everyone out there at some point hasn’t been honest and remained quiet when they should have spoken up to avoid confrontation. But this isn’t the way. You end up thinking about what you should have said for hours later. By this time it’s too late so u just feel frustrated with yourself.

Be honest.

Speak up.

It takes courage to do this, you’ll get into tenser situations then if you were just the guy that nodded his head but it’s worth it you’ll keep your integrity and feel a whole lot better about yourself.

It’s hard to have honest relationships it really is.

It takes a certain amount of maturity on both of your parts to allow each other to do this without being offended. You have to be able to handle criticism and take on other peoples viewpoints. But if you can handle it you can use it as a growth tool and you’ll make a real connection.

Honesty also breeds honesty.

When you start being honest with someone it allows them to be comfortable doing the same. Giving them the chance to see that being totally honest is possible and can be implemented in their lives.

What’s helped me become more of an honest person it is being more brutally honest with myself. It’s tough at times but empowering and freeing at the same time. I don’t exaggerate my achievements or how productive I am. Whenever I feel like I need a dose of honesty I write in my journal (a simple word document). Documenting my day in as exact honesty as my ego can handle :). I learn a lot about myself this way and definitely something I recommend doing.

I guess the path of truth is a continual and life changing process.