“If we magnified our successes as much as we magnify our disappointments, we’d all be much happier.”

We’re too hard on ourselves.

You always ponder about small failures and never think about all the small successes you might have had during your day.

Picking that healthy choice, helping someone out just a little, dedicating yourself to a task.

Bettering yourself just a small bit.

It doesn’t seem like something big each day.

But all that compounds together.

Celebrating the small wins is healthy, it’s good for your state of mind and your self-esteem. Associating yourself with success instead of failure builds momentum for more success.

It lightens the long road of personal development, it can show you it isn’t as dismal as you might think.

Lets face it becoming a better version of yourself isn’t easy.

There are many obstacles along the way, old habits take a lot of willpower to change.

Happier existence. Who’s the happier person; the person that only acknowledges success on the big things that happen once in a while or the person that acknowledge every step they take towards that major goal.

Who’s going to build more momentum.

Who’s going to see the most positivity in their life.

Many people get into the downward spiral of negative thinking and comparing successes to other people which is silly. Their will always be  someone that appears to be doing better than you. We should in fact celebrate that, use it for motivation and then bring our focus back to our own goals.

Get the ball rolling.

I’m sure you can pick some things out you’ve done well today or the past year.

That is you, someone that can do things well.

Now use that as motivation to spur you into building more success.