I’ve quit drinking alcohol for over a year now. I feel stronger than ever. Totally in control of my life with the ability to use everyday productively. (No hangovers)

These are just my personal thoughts on the substance. This is not a barrage against people that drink. I just want to highlight some of the dangers of drinking alcohol in excess.

So why did I stop?

I’ve witnessed first hand the damage that alcohol can cause and know many others who have experienced the same. Abusing it affects everyone around you in a negative way, it can be very destructive. It also wasn’t congruent with the lifestyle I wanted to lead anymore in becoming the strongest version of myself. I didn’t want to use alcohol as a crutch, having the most fun when I’m drunk or the only time that I can truly express myself and be free. This freedom is what makes it enjoyable. You can let loose, have no filter and actually have fun. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like that normally? Do we really need a substance for that? I also didn’t want to use it as a coping mechanism. When things go wrong lets turn to alcohol and come out worse for ware the next day with the same problems and no solutions.

Here are some personal benefits that I’ve got from quitting alcohol:

  • Saving. I’ve saved so much money this past year just by stopping drinking. This has helped me to go on three holidays this year and I’m planning go to the USA for 3 months in November :D.  People spend hundreds a week on alcohol. Imagine you had that saved in your bank account. You could treat yourself to a new car, a great holiday or even help save for your first house.
  • Always in in control. You’ll never have a moment where you are out of control. You’ll always know what you are doing and be able to take full responsibility for your actions. Alcohol leads to unconscious behaviour. After a certain threshold your degree of control becomes less and less and this can be dangerous. You can end up doing something you would never have done consciously that you regret.
  • Treating your body like a temple. Your body is the only thing that will be with you constantly keep until you die.I want to be as healthy as I can, advocate a healthy lifestyle leading by example. You NEED to take care of it and drinking excessive alcohol does not help that. Alcohol is a poison, from the moment you consume it your body begins the process of getting rid of it. It can cause various problems including heart problems and liver disease.
  • No time wasting. Time is the most important commodity you have. It’s so precious. After a heavy drinking session you need time to recover. You’ll probably feel groggy in the morning unable to process your normal morning routine. You’ll have to start your day hours later whilst not feeling at your best. When you start your day like that its an uphill battle to actually do something useful and before you know it the whole day is gone without accomplishing very much.

So that’s my insight on quitting alcohol for a year so far. If you can moderate your alcohol consumption effectively. Then go and enjoy those casual drinks. Just be aware of your consumption because it can be difficult to realise when starts to go from being lighthearted and fun to an addiction and that’s when the problems start.