I am not a nutritionist. I don’t take eating healthy to extremes, I don’t calorie count or weigh food.

I do the simple things and I think the simple things help a lot.

These are just simple tips that I can give you for eating healthy.  Now I don’t stick to these 100 percent every day but this could help you transform your diet.

1. Eat unprocessed meat

If you’re going to eat meat. Eat from grass-fed organic sources which are a lot healthier than processed meat which is meat altered in between the source and when you consume it.

It is altered with additives so the shelf life lasts longer, stays tasting good and is cheaper tying in with our societies obsession with saving costs even with dire consequences.

It is heavily linked to a variety of diseases like cancer and heart disease.

2. Eat nuts and seeds 

These are great to add into your diet as a natural source of nutrients, minerals, protein, fibre and unsaturated fat.

They require no preparation or cooking so they are an easy go to when your hungry and need a snack.

3. Eat fruits and veggies

Make sure you’re getting enough of these and it’ll help stop you getting some lead diseases.

For me getting enough fruit is the easy part. I love fruit and I would say berries are the best to incorporate into your diet if you were to pick some as they are extremely high in antioxidants while at the same time being low in sugar, unlike many other fruits.

Getting enough veggies is the hard part. They don’t taste as good but are even more important in my opinion if you wanna have your body and your mind in the best condition. Replace your bad snacks with fruits or veg and it’ll do you a lot of good.

If you want to quickly get all your veggies and fruits in one go then make a smoothie! A lot of smoothies are delicious and you’ll get all the nutritional benefits.

4. Drinks lots of water.

Your brain is 90% water and your body is about 70%, the majority of every cell in your body is composed of water.

Therefore, you need water to function properly.

Not coffee, not tea just plain water.

5. Change your snacks 

Replace those unhealthy snacks with fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds or some low-fat yoghurt.

This is the easiest time to go wrong on your diet. Sitting around and you’re getting hungry with nothing available.It easy to grab those digestive biscuits or those crisps.

Have a plan so when you do get hungry you’ll have a healthier option. My go to’s are low-fat yoghurt which I love or fruit like bananas or berries.

6. Avoid  the coffee, fizzy drinks and fruit Juices. 

Let’s start with coffee. It is the most widely consumed drug and mood altering substance. Millions of people start their day with one.

Firstly ditching that coffee a day can make you over £1000 richer annually. I’m sure there’re some great things you could spend that on.

It seems that everyone believes that waking up without coffee is impossible but once you quit you’ll realise you don’t need to depend on it. In fact, you will have more stable energy instead of the ups and downs that coffee brings.

Exercising is a better way to increase your energy levels or swap that coffee with green tea.

Fizzy drinks are awful and diet versions  aren’t any better. They are essentially sugar and artificial  flavourings increasing the chances of diabetes whilst damaging your bones and teeth.

You see that carton of juice that looks healthy well it isn’t what it seems. They will most likely have been pasteurised which kills good and bad bacteria, naturally occurring enzymes and many nutrients and minerals. They can also have as much sugar as soda. If you’re going to have juice have it freshly squeezed and in moderation.

7. Avoid the Fast Food and eat at healthier places

We’re talking about McDonald’s, pizza and your local chicken shop here.

These offer very little nutritional value and if this becomes a regular part of your diet it will lead to poor performance, poor health and weight gain.

When you’re out it’s very tempting to eat fast food. It’s cheap, quick and satisfying. As many things that can be described in this way it can be a recipe for disaster in the long-term.

Find a few healthy places in your area or a chain so you have access to it in most places. Meaning you don’t have to think too much and make decisions because this will normally get you to give up and just get that fast food. Coffee shops, supermarkets and stores like Greggs have far more healthy alternatives. This is where I normally eat when I’m on the go.

8. Avoid the sweets, chocolates and crisps 

Sugar is the enemy. All types of bad things happen with high sugar intake. Put it simply ditch those chocolates and sweets and you shall feel better for it.

Crisps are high-calorie food with no nutritional value so switch these famous snacks with healthier options.

9. Avoid pastries, cookies and cakes 

These are extremely unhealthy made with  refined sugar, refined wheat flour and artificial trans fats which contribute to many diseases.

They are tasty but offer nothing in terms of nutrition for your body and are super high in calories so all around very bad for your health if consumed regularly.

10. Avoid White Flour and Refined Carbs

Cutting out white flour and refined grains will make a big difference to your diet. These are normally found in unhealthy packaged foods and offer no real goodness.

Swap white rice, bread and pasta for whole grain versions and your body, and waistline will thank you for it.