I was always inspired by people that had their own blogs. Putting their thoughts out there and deciding to help people through writing.

I thought it was such an amazing thing to have.

I then took the courageous leap to start my own.

I had so many idea’s in my head but I didn’t know if I could write. I then learnt that I could and the feedback was amazing from all types of people.

This is a list of reasons why you should start your own blog if you are thinking about it and how it can be a great catalyst for some marvellous things in your life.

1. Teaching People

What you are doing is teaching other people great things you have learnt from your life.

What other reason do you need.

Teaching people always feels good and it’s nice to be able to touch so many people at once.

The feeling I get when I hear that someone has learnt something from my blog makes it all worth it.

2. Your Writing Will Improve

Anything you do everyday will get better and this is such an important skill in everyday life from social media, the workplace to creating presentations.

I wasn’t the best at english at school. I was actually in the lowest set for it during secondary school.

Now I enjoy writing most days and my confidence has increased and something that I believe anyone can get better at.

3. Expand Your Comfort Zone

Writing a blog takes courage.

Your risking all sorts of criticism in public with people commenting and reading your personal stories and thoughts.

I remember writing my first blog post anxious about what people would say about it. Now having written over 30 posts I am so comfortable sharing them.

4. Expressing Yourself

Self expression is one of the most important things and can come in many forms.

A blog is one of them.

Expressing yourself on paper can be such a liberating experience. You can spill all those thoughts that go on in your mind honestly as it’s your creation.

5. Motivation

You have allowed your ideas and changes to be known in public. You’ve written about the positive implications of certain habits in your life.

It means you now have people that will hold you accountable if you’re not living up to these.

This has pushed me to continue down these areas and maintain those healthier habits.

6. Discipline

For you to have a successful blog you need to be producing new content daily or weekly which means maintaining consistent writing patterns and some days you really don’t want to write.

Heck I just woke up did my morning routine and I could be doing something else but I knew I had to write so I set my timer for at least one hour of writing and got to it.

7. Learn Other Skills As a By Product

Blogging expands your skills arsenal.

You have to learn some aspects of coding, marketing, SEO, design and even sales to create and manage your blog.

A combination of skills that are very transferable in this age when creating your own business.

8. Make Some Money

You can increase your income passively if your blog as enough visitors.

Now I don’t think you will be a successful blogger or a successful anything if this is the first reason on your list.

This is a by-product of creating engaging content, successful marketing and finding your right audience but it is a great bonus.

Some bloggers have even quit their jobs and made a living like this. I know people that travel and get paid to blog about places they visit, a great source of income while your abroad.

9. It makes you feel accomplished

There’s something great about creating something of your own.

Something that you have full control over and using it as a tool to benefit yourself and others.

I feel sense of pride when I see the consistency and thoughts behind my blog.

10. You’ll form new relationships

You can connect with people all over the world from other bloggers to people that just enjoy your writing.

Building authentic connections with people that resonate with your ideas or have similar hobbies and passions as you.

Isn’t that amazing?